About Us

Valley of the Moon is a geographic location in Northern California just north of San Francisco.  Because of a peculiar mountain formation, the moon crests, disappears and rises again.  It appears to rise several times as one journeys through the valley.  The Miwok and Pomo Indians rode their horses through this valley which they called So No Ma meaning many moons.  The Indians worshiped the valley with suspicious awe.

The author Jack London had a ranch and home in the heart of Sonoma Valley.  After his well-known book, “Valley of the Moon” was published in 1913 the name became synomous with Sonoma Valley.  Because the Pi Phi zip codes in our area cover most of Sonoma County, we feel the name Valley of the Moon best describes the area we encompass.  Our club was chartered on April 1, 1953 with 10 members.